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Weddings, Funerals & Events


Wedding in Westbury UMC's Chapel

United Methodists believe that a wedding is a joyous occasion with great spiritual significance. The wedding is a service of worship in which vows are made, prayers are offered and a blessing is given.

At Westbury UMC, weddings are typically held in the Sanctuary (seating capacity: 700) or Chapel (seating capacity: 50). The photo at right was taken in the Chapel.

For more information on scheduling your wedding, please contact us at 713-723-0175 or Please note that your rehearsal and wedding date will only be added to the calendar after your deposit is received.


Are you planning a funeral for a loved one? Before finalizing times and dates of the funeral or memorial service, please contact us at 713-723-0175 or

Reception Guidelines

Westbury UMC is available to host a reception in the Parlor following the funeral or memorial service of a loved one. Our Living Water Caring Ministry (LWCM) is a group of volunteers that organize receptions to allow a time for family and friends to greet one another following a funeral or memorial service. Please read these guidelines to better help you plan a reception at Westbury UMC.

  • All receptions will take place in our Parlor. The Parlor will comfortably seat approximately 80 people.
  • You have the option of dividing the Parlor into two sections, Parlor A and Parlor B. This will work better for those families who are expecting a smaller group of people to attend the funeral. Each half will allow for approximately 40 to 50 people.
  • The LWCM will provide cookies, punch, and coffee for the reception and have volunteers to manage the refreshment table. If you choose to have something different offered at the reception, you must provide the items that you want served.
  • When deciding what to do if there are any leftovers, we ask that you let us know in advance if you would like to take them home with you or if you would like to donate them to the church. If you decide to donate the leftovers, it will be up to the LWCM to determine which ministry or organization will receive them.
  • To be good stewards of our volunteers’ time, we ask that a reception not last longer than 90 minutes. We have found that 90 minutes will give the family plenty of time to fellowship with their friends and family following the service. However, if you feel that 90 minutes is not enough time to visit, we encourage you to make plans for a second meeting place outside of the church following the reception.
  • The standard setup for a reception consists of 3 rectangle tables in the shape of a “T” with chairs surrounding the perimeter. The number of chairs can be changed to accommodate the size of the reception.