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  • Can Anyone Withhold the Water?

    BaptismPreacher: Rev. R. DeAndre Johnson

    Scripture: Acts 10

    Summary: When, through baptism, we are changed and begin to live and act as a people who have been claimed, washed and empowered as God’s people in the world, then our relationships with others will be characterized not by the things that make us different, but by the common claim we have received: “I am God’s child, the one God loves; with whom God is well pleased.”

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  • The Gospel of Luke: On Identity

    Rocky landscapePreacher: Rev. Taylor Fuerst

    Scripture: Luke 8:26–39

    Summary: We, like Legion, the man possessed with many demons, can easily be lost in the many names and identities that others give us. Jesus restores each of us to our true identity as a child of God, and empowers us to offer the same restoration to others.

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  • The Gift Is Near

    The GiftPreacher: Rev. Tommy Williams

    Scripture: Luke 21:25–36

    Summary: The gift of Jesus is near. Not only Christmas day and its redemptive story, but the promised second coming of Jesus, and that story of hope that God still holds for us and the world.

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  • The Beloved of God (May 8, 2011)

    worship slide, blue water with ripplesScripture: Luke 3:21–22

    Preacher: Rev. Tommy Williams

    Summary: Baptism is God’s act through the church, claiming you as His child. We don’t earn it, we don’t choose it--God chooses us first.

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