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  • How Then Shall We Live? (Time)

    How Then Shall We Live?Preacher: Rev. Taylor Fuerst

    Scripture: The Book of Esther

    Summary: We wait and wait for a defining moment like Esther's, but we often feel like our time is used up in uninspiring ways--ways that don't make much difference to anybody. God calls and empowers us to use every moment to love God and benefit others, with the hope that, even through small moments, we can all be transformed.

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  • Heroes of the Old Testament: Esther

    Heroes of the Old TestamentPreacher: Ms. Hannah Terry

    Scripture: Esther 4

    Through the story of Esther, God calls Westbury to remember who we are and whose we areā€”that we are the people of God. We are baptismal people of lament and hopeful celebration.

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