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Houstonia Magazine, 2016

Meet the Minister Building Bridges Between Refugee Communities in Westbury

Houstonia Magazine Article, August 2016

Houstonia Magazine, 2017

Post Harvey: We're in it for the Long Haul 

Houstonia Magazine Article, October 2017

Pastor Hannah preaches at St. Peter's UMC

The Work of the People: Missional Imagination

  • See video of Pastor Hannah describing "Missional Imagination" (produced by The Work of The People and The Texas Annual Conference)

podcast interview with pastor hannah

FAM Blog & Community Quotes

FAM Blog

  • It's God's Story: Article in the Texas Annual Conference Cross Connection

    Dear brothers and sisters,   What a joy it is to watch the unfolding of God's story here in our neighborhood. Truly, the Holy Spirit is making all things new. This past week, our conference (Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church) ran this article about FAM.   Read More...

  • bilingual sermon: 'you will have everything you need'

      I'm incredibly grateful and honored to be in ministry with a church family that tries experiments and longs to be in sync with God's dream for us and the world. On Sunday April 19, I had a blast preaching in English with my brother, friend, and partner in ministry Thony Ngumbu preaching in Swahili. This was the first time some of our community members have heard the preached Word in their language at Westbury.   Read More...

  • Reflections on experiencing Pentecost daily

    Acts 2 explains the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon the twelve apostles—there was a sound of rushing wind, there were tongues like fire that rested on each person, and they were given ability by the Holy Spirit to speak in all languages present so the diverse gathered crowd understood what was being spoken.  Bystanders were amazed, perplexed, and even judgmental of what was happening.  Then Peter stood with the apostles and preached to the crowd.   Read More...

  • The Bubble Teachers

    1 box of jumbo chalk.  4 bottles of bubbles.  4 jump ropes.  46 happy kids.   Sounds like loaves and fishes to me. Living in community offers many opportunities to practice sharing.  I was moved by a beautiful example of this truth while spending time with the children of Los Arcos last Wednesday.  When one of the toddlers started crying about wanting bubbles, I explained that there weren’t enough for everyone but we could go together t...  Read More...

  • Courage and the grace of Jesus

    Last Wednesday, with courage, we gathered for our first weekly community meal to share food, fellowship and the love of Christ with our Fondren neighbors. Nobody knew what to expect – including us! But luckily, God did, and the Holy Spirit was definitely in the room.   Read More...

  • Rhythms of daily prayer and community meals

    We announce with great joy Fondren Apartment Ministry updates—God is at work and Westbury is responding! Newest Member Westbury UMC welcomed Eric Mukuba to the apartment ministry team! Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eric hails most recently from Dallas/Fort Worth and has joined the team as he feels called to minister with refugees.   Read More...

  • What does this ministry look like?

    (Read the full story originally published in the July/August 2012 issue of Together magazine) Sisters and brothers, I am humbled and overjoyed to join you in ministry. I thank you dearly for your warm welcome and enthusiasm for the newly-budding community ministry down on Southwest Fondren. I’m blessed to call Westbury my home and you my family.   Read More...

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