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  • Explore God's Story: Coming into the Land

    Explore God's StoryPreacher: Rev. Taylor Fuerst

    Scripture: Joshua 24

    Summary: As God’s people stand ready to begin their life in the promised land, they stand and affirm their promise to live as God’s faithful people. Despite our inability to remain faithful to our own promises to God, we remember that God calls us back to a covenant relationship, and we renew those promises every chance we get.

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  • Explore God's Story: Israel

    Explore God's storyPreacher: Rev. Taylor Fuerst

    Scripture: Exodus 20:1–17

    Summary: In the Ten Commandments, the God who has freed Israel from Egypt reveals how they are to live within that freedom. God offers them the law, through which they will become a people who bring God's freedom to all the world.

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