Every Day is Everyday

Every Day is Everyday

He was in the world, and the world came into being through him; yet the world did not know him. 
John 1:10 NRSV

When I reflect on this passage, I am reminded that I miss God way too often. What I mean is that if Jesus Christ, being the fullness of God, not only created the world/universe but has also deigned to actually be in the world – the Word/God "pitched a tent" and lives among us, as stated in the literal translation of John 1:14 – then I must be a blind fool because I don't see or experience God nearly as often as it seems I should. 

Instead, I see the tedium of life – work that keeps piling up, kids to shuffle to and from school, bills that have to be paid, house/car cleaning and maintenance that can no longer be deferred, relationships to mend and relationships to enjoy (that's if I'm not too tired at the end of the day.) I confess that it is difficult to see God in the midst of accomplishing all these things with at least some modicum of success. 

The only place I really expect to see/experience God is in those precious few sacred moments – worship, celebrating the sacraments, prayer, reading scripture, bible studies, visiting those who are sick, celebrating marriages and weeping at funerals. But I must confess that sometimes I'm too busy critiquing the music or the sermon to find God in either. Or sometimes I'm distracted by thoughts of what to prepare for lunch after worship for my family. Sometimes I just don't want to be bothered by anyone or anything after a long day/week or after a stressful and tense conversation with my spouse or other family members.....and so, even in the things that are supposed to help me, I still find myself missing God.

I am "the world" the gospel writer is referring to when he writes "yet the world did not know him."

This is where I find helpful the words of Karl Rahner, a 20th century German Catholic theologian. In his book, Encounters With Silence, he writes to the "God of my daily routine":

... if it's true that I can lose You in everything, it must also be true that I can find You in everything. If You have given me no single place to which I can flee and be sure of finding You, if anything I do can mean the loss of You, then I must be able to find You in every place, in each and every thing I do. Otherwise I couldn't find You at all, and this cannot be, since I can't possibly exist without You. Thus I must seek You in all things. If every day is "everyday," then every day is Your day, and every hour is the hour of Your grace.

I must live out the daily drudge and the day that is yours as one reality. As I turn outward to the world, I must turn inward toward you, and possess you, the only One, in everything. But how does my daily drudge become the day that is yours? My God, only through you. Only through you can I be an 'inward' person. Only through you am I with you within myself even as I am turning outward in order to be among things.

Neither Angst nor nothingness nor death free me from being lost in the things of the world — to use ideas from modern philosophy — but only your love, love for you, you who are the goal drawing all things, you who satisfy, you who are sufficient to yourself. Your love, my infinite God, the love for you that passes through their heart and extends out beyond them into your infinite expanses, your love that can still take in everything that is lost as the song of praise to your infinity. For you, all multiplicity is one; all that is dispersed is gathered into you; everything outside becomes in your love something still interior. In your love, all turning outward to the daily drudge becomes a retreat into your unity, which is eternal life.

God, open my eyes that I may see you in all of life, both the mundane and the profound. Help me see that you, who created and holds all things in your love, are the same one who can be found in every face I meet, every thing I encounter and every day I am awakened to see. Nothing is beyond your presence, nothing is beyond your grace, nothing is beyond your love. For this, may my life never cease to sing its "song of praise to your infinity." In Jesus' name. Amen.

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