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  • The Art of Neighboring: Intro

    Art of NeighboringPreacher: Rev. Taylor Fuerst

    Scripture: Luke 10:25

    Summary: In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, we find a call to love the neighbor who crosses our path. Loving our closest neighbors begins with getting to know who they are.

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  • 40 Days Together: Never Alone

    40 Days TogetherPreacher: Rev. Tommy Williams

    Scripture: Mark 1:9–15

    Summary: Jesus would never have invited people to repent if He had not believed that change was possible.

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  • The Power of Christian Community (August 21, 2011)

    The Real Social NetworkPreacher: Rev. Tommy Williams

    Scripture: Mark 2:1-12

    Summary: This community of friends were so persistent, they were so willing to take risks, so wreckless in their love for their friend that they did whatever it took, any means necessary to get their hurting friend to Jesus. He was down on the mat and they did whatever they could to get him to the one they believed could make the difference in his life. You got any friends down on the mat? Are you down on the mat?

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